The growth of social media has made a big impact on our world today. Not only can we see a growth in personal accounts, but also of many businesses globally. Now, more businesses seem to use their social media platforms as a way to communicate with their clients. Whether it’s about communicating with customers or potential and new clients; social media is the number one source that could provide all of these options at the same time. In order to create more revenue and increase a business profit, companies need to present their products or services on their social media channels. Sim is able to help companies with setting up a clear social media plan, integrate a new strategy and attracting more audience to their platforms. One of our service based on social media is developing the right advertisement campaign that can be launched from systems such as Facebook Business Manager. This also means that Sim is not fully controlling the ads and campaigns, but is cooperating with the client in order to achieve goals as a team.

Sim is always aiming for a long-term business relationship with all of our clients. Our vision is to understand our client and translate their values in a marketing strategy or campaign. We would like to pursue our vision and mission together with our clients in order to collaborate for many years. At this moment, we work very closely with an online casino related website. They requested us to set up an online casino campaign that they could publish on their online platform. This campaign had been developed in order to attract customers to a casino reviewing website called BFG 2018 .com “Beste fruitautomaten en gokkasten van 2018 ”. This website provided recommendations and reviews about the best slot machines of this year, so that online casino players could find their favorite game with just a few clicks. The campaign was a great success and it even attracted online players from all different countries. However, all campaigns come to an end and that also happened with the website of BFG 2018 .com “Beste fruitautomaten en gokkasten van 2018 vindt je hier”.

Now we are working on a second campaign for the same company. The team of Sim is now fully prepared and excited about the launch of this new website. We are now developing a campaign for the website called which provides het beste online casino gokkasten overzicht. This campaign contains some similarities with the previous one we developed, but this time we’re able to fill in the blanks ourselves. Since the first advertising campaign increased the revenue in such a short time, Sim received permission to develop a new campaign based on our own ideas. At this very moment our concept experts are developing the storyline and message in order to already set up the basics for this advertisement.

If you are interested in one of our advertising services or if you are looking for a campaign that is similar to the BFG 2018 .com “Beste fruitautomaten en gokkasten van 2018 ” website, we would be happy to provide you with all the information.